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The "original" OZTENT. This is where it all began with the RV2, second in size of the OZTENT range, the RV2 was the very first of the now world famous patented OZTENT.
At 2.0m x 2.0m and up to 1.9m headroom, it’s great for 2 to 3 people. A definite favourite of couples who want simple accommodation combined with quick and easy setup.


Peaked Side Panels: The most popular accessory of them all! Deluxe Side Panels simply zip onto your OZTENT & awning to provide added Privacy and Weather Protection. Made from the same colour and specification Rip-stop Poly Cotton Canvas, each panel has both a zippered canvas and insect proof mesh door.

Available in PAIRS, the set is complete with poles, pegs and carry bag.

Deluxe Front Panel: This panel is zipped onto the OZTENT Awning and Deluxe Side Panels to provide added privacy and shelter.Used in conjunction with the Deluxe Side Panels, you can fully enclose the Awning area. Extremely useful when driving away from your tent to give extra weather protection and security at the front of your OZTENT.

Complete with ridge pole, pegs and carry bag.

Side Awning: Designed for extra shade at the side of your OZTENT awning. Simply zip to either side of your OZTENT Awning. The double zip means you can still use the Side Panels too. Ideal to park the 4x4 or RV under. Sold individually, however can be used in pairs if required.

Complete with pegs, poles, guy ropes and carry bag.

Solar Reflective Fly Sheet: Designed primarily to keep the inside of your OZTENT cooler in the sun and reflect harmful UV rays.

Can also help reduce condensation in areas of high humidity, and offers greater protection in severe weather.

Complete with pegs, poles, guy ropes and carry bag.

Awning & Caravan Connectors: Caravan Connecters attach your OZTENT Awning to the Caravan or Motorhome Accessory rail to create a large annexe.
Awning Connecters will join two OZTENT Awnings together to provide a huge shady covered area ideal for family camping!

Complete with pegs & carry bag.

Mesh Floor Saver: Extends to protect the floor of your OZTENT. Covers from the rear of the sleeping area to the front of the awning. Extra protection under your OZTENT ground sheet against tree roots or sharp stones. Heavy metal ring at each corner for pegging down.

Complete with pegs and carry bag.

Oztent Screen House

Screen House: Ideal for picnic's and no awning camp sites!
Easily pops into shape in seconds to give shade, shelter and refuge from insects. Featuring ultra tough mechanism, fibre glass frame, No See Um mesh walls, extra large heavy duty zips, rip-stop material and silver coated roof with UPF 50+

Comes complete with all guy ropes, pegs and carry bag..

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