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Click the images below to view our Four Styles of World Original Roof Tents:

AUTOHOME offer 6 models in the Maggiolina Style. Click the images below for more information.

BOAB BLACK Signature Edition
Absolutely stunning, this roof tent is entirely hand made in Italy and has a high gloss jet black outer shell and jet black cloth. To achieve a high gloss finish on the shell, working with the jet black cloth and thread is both difficult and time consuming. Production of such a fantastic quality unit demands the accumulated knowledge and experience that Autohome have gained since 1958 and even though Autohome now incorporate cutting edge technology and modern design methods their highly skilled technicians still assemble each unit entirely by hand.

Maggiolina Airlander
No more stressful searching around for accommodation. No more worries about finding a suitable area to set up your tent before the night sets in. With a Maggiolina you can park anywhere and still have a comfortable bed for the night, regardless of conditions. Long adventure holidays or weekend breaks away from the stress of everyday life. In the freedom of your car you can enjoy the comfortable, safe and welcoming accommodation of Maggiolina and you can remain in touch with the wonders of nature and enjoy your restful break. With its aerodynamic design, Maggiolina is the perfect choice for any vehicle small or large. Offering good looks and functionally, Maggiolina Airlander offers good interior storage capacity without spoiling its elegant line.

Extra Long - Airlander Small & Medium are also available in X-Long version, giving an extra 20cm (8") in overall length

Maggiolina Airlander Plus+
Offering the same good looks, styling and functionally of the Airlander (above) but the Maggiolina Airlander Plus+ goes a little further, and has two way opening doors for privacy & ventilation, internal storage pockets and an overhead roof mounted storage net for your clothes at night.
Available in Small, Medium or Large widths, and four standard colour options - Carbon (dark grey) Grey (light grey) & Safari (brown cloth) all with a White Shell or 'Black Storm' which has a black shell and dark grey cloth.

Extra Long Airlander Plus+ Small & Medium are also available in X-Long option, giving an extra 20cm (8") in overall length. This is available in all colour options.

Maggiolina Extreme

This design incorporates a in-set style roof rack for carrying up to 25kg of sporting or essential travelling equipment making it ideal for weekend trips, holidays and adventures on and off roads the world over.

Maggiolina Grand Tour
Beauty is a natural gift. The Maggiolina Grand Tour brings into harmony radical design and construction techniques, which give off a certain energy through the new aerodynamic lines, enticing you to spend a few moments inside to discover the hidden quality and comfort of this model. Materials have been carefully selected for style, performance, reliability and a consistently accurate finish. The Grand Tour range includes several models, to suit all needs.

Maggiolina Carbon Fibre
50 Years of adventure. "The travelling bedroom: we have designed it and built it with passion, we hope you like it. Have a good journey!" ran the Maggiolina advertising slogan on its’ initial launch on the adventure tourist market place. In 2008 Autohome celebrated 50 years of its original model with a special commemorative series, a worthy Hi-Tech tribute to this extraordinary adventure. Maggiolina Carbon Fibre "50th Anniversary” - it ‘was’ then the new challenge: enjoy the future today!

Maggiolina Features

Discover the different features of the Maggiolina Models in this helpful guide.

Maggiolina Accessories

Unearth the comprehensive range of accessories for the Maggiolina, designed to maximise your comfort and enhance your adventures. They are avaliable to purchase here in our online shop.

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