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Click the images below to view our Four Styles of World Original Roof Tents:

AUTOHOME offer 4 models in the Fold Over Style. Click the images below for more information.

Air Camping

AUTOHOME brought you not only the Worlds First Roof Tents with GRP Shells, the first Carbon Fibre Shells, All Black GRP Shells, the Pink Dondolina. They also produced the First Heavy Cotton Fold Over Style.
Air Camping (as opposed to ground camping) is a great style of roof tent, and a World First from AUTOHOME. Much Copied, but never bettered, The original folding roof tent - ideal for 4x4's, SUV's, RV's and so on.

Overland evolved from the demands of the most experienced and demanding travelers. Structured around previous models it's now the perfect tent for adventure travelers. Overland is full of technological innovation and suited to the most demanding environments. The Automatic Ladder Security System (ALSS) ensures stability, allowing you to use the tent, safely, on all ground conditions. The Overland has 420g certified fabrics that are waterproof, breathable and available in three colour options.

Overzone can trace its ancestry through a pedigree range of tents. As an evolution of the successful Overland, it's the largest model of tent in the "fold over" range. Compared to the Overland, there's more internal space with total protection from the elements, including the main entrance doorway. The Overzone meets the most demanding requirements of the adventure traveler offering total privacy and freedom.
At the heart of the Overzone is a strong, lightweight aluminium frame, encased in breathable, water-proof 420g heavy duty cotton fabric.

Tradition meets innovation. Overcamp represents the latest concept for today's camping needs. Great attention to detail, colours and design. The reassuringly tough, waterproof fabric is strong and smooth to the touch - just some of the outstanding and eye catching features of the Overcamp Style. The Overcamp offers innovative, additional storage capacity on the roof rack, allowing you to carry your sporting equipment easily: such as a bicycle, canoe, surfboard, skis, fishing rods or other leisure accessories. Another feature is the unique Double-Up System which allows you to obtain twice the normal sleeping area by fitting two tents on one roof. By fitting two Overcamps you have two totally independent bedrooms with either four berths (2+2 small cars) or eight berths (4+4 on large vehicles). The unrivalled choice for family adventures.

Fold Over Accessories
A comprehensive range of accessories are available for all the Fold Over Models.
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