Specialist Bolts

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Channel Fixing Bolts - Roof Tent

Although they have many uses, we use them as a Simple, Quick & Secure method for attaching
AUTOHOME Roof Tents to our MANBO Roof Bars.

Channel Fixing Nuts

M8 Channel Fixing Nuts

Particularly usefull for attaching accessories to Roof Racks & Roof Bars.

Tamper Proof Bolts

Make your Roof Bars and Other Equipment more secure from the would be oppurtunist theif.

Primarily used with MANBO Roof Bar Clamps!

Square Head bolts

Ieal for the backplate of a Foxwing awning to mount Extra or Existing Brackets
or slide into the mounting slots on many roof racks.

Eye Bolts

Ideal addition to your roof bar set up, allowing you to lash down your load securely

Stainless Steel Construction and available in sizes M8 or M10.

Fixing Kits

Utilise your existing Roof Bar set up with a Clamp Kit

Ideal for use with our OZTENT Transport Basket.

Online Store | ESSENTIALS |  Specialist Bolts