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Left Daily road book & Briefing

Right: T.J & Ann-marie back for round 2!




Left:Running repairs on his wobbly UJ for TJ

Right: Traffic can be a real problem out here as the locals rush to the EC Roll Bar testing station!


Left: Climbing to 1000m

Right: On the way back down!


Descending from over 1500m (4500ft)


Left: Evening meal at the Gite

All the Food (meat, preserves, fruit, drinks and jams) are produced on the farm!

Right: View from the Gite



Right: Daughter of the Obelisk!


Left: Gorge du Tarn

T. J. shows how to cross a river properly 2005

Left: Basalt Rock Formations

Right: T.J. starts his descent of the rock (despite the smell!)


When you get lost...

... the Organisation knows where to find you!


Great driving....

...breath taking scenery!

All but forgotten green lanes!



Left: On the way to 'The Rock'

Right: Basalt Rock Formations



Left: Nice photo Ginger, but your supposed to be on of the top of the bridge!

Right:The sheer weight of snow frozen to the trees caused a lot of problems for the first group of 2009

View from the cab of Ian Briggs Defender 90


Left: Winter 2008 saw huge snow falls in the mountains, even by May 2009 some huge drifts still remained Colin Ellison Defender 110

Right: Snow on top of the mountains


Left: Kayak RV Point

Right: 2009 Group Photo

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