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Right: First glimpse of your hotel at Pont du Garabit!


Left: Beautiful winding roads to La Tour de la Clauze

Right: Ancient medieval villages & Citadelles


Left: Castles & Chateauxs

Right: The emptiness of the Grand Massif


Left: Is this where they buried Asterix?

Right: Tower of Apacher


Left: Ian Hamilton entertaining

Right: Ste. Enimie Gorges du Tarn


Left: River Crossing

Right: "The Rock"


Cake anyone?


Left: Another river crossing

Right: The track you use to come down from over 5000ft

Lunch & "The Locals"

Perfect spot for a Picnic


Left: The Church at Saint ILIPZE

Right: Surprises around every corner


Left: Follow in the steps of Gauls and Romans

Right: Mountains!

Left: How the road book looks!

There's always one (usually Dutch)


Andy Blois showing you can in a Nissan



The Organisation giving an exemplary performance!


Going Down!

Followed Closely by T.J.

Right: Flying Dutchman T. J. "at speed" 2007


The Pont du Garabit

One of Mr Eiffels finest works

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